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Niche Weddings

by Leeza A. Harris

Wedding Planning & Management Solutions

Niche Weddings by Leeza A. Harris.JPG
Niche Weddings by Leeza A. Harris.JPG
Niche Weddings by Leeza A. Harris.jpg
Niche Weddings by Leeza A. Harris.jpg

Being a Wedding Planner truly means that I plan every detail down to the last item with my Client/s. It involves understanding the mood and the message that my Client wishes to project via this important event.

I use my expertise to plan a happy and memorable experience and manage the wedding & associated events.

Here are some of the key components that I conceptualise, plan, produce & coordinate for my Clients.


Time Line and Road Map

Identification of all components required

Venue - Recce & Layout to scale 


Entertainment/ Performances by Artistes

Agenda & Responsibility Matrix

Vendor Coordination

Coordination with the Venue

Menu Selection

Cake Design, Flavour & presentation

Source/ create Give aways


Gift Management

Accommodation & Transport Coordination..... to name a few!

Our Niche Weddings are Classy, Minimal, Intimate & Experience Oriented

Wedding Planning | Set & Stage Design and Production | Fresh Floral Decor | Draping & Pearl/

Crystal Chains | Professional Sound & Lights | Cake & Cake table | Design & Print | Photography & Video Coverage | Wedding Accessories | Wedding Give aways & Comfort Kits | Entertainment

Artiste Licences  | Event Hospitality |Bridal Car & Transportation

Niche Weddings 

by Leeza A. Harris

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