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The Chrysalis Contests

Photo of paints for the page called Contests by The Chrysalis Studio

The Chrysalis Contest is specially designed to offer a platform for amateur artists and crafts-persons to showcase their talent. Every year two contests are organized and while the themes and mediums vary, the criteria for judging remain the same. The panel of Judges, each of whom are professional artistes will determine the winner for every contest.


 We received an overwhelming response for our first Contest for 2018. The theme was "Breaking Free" and the medium was "acrylics on canvas".

The Chrysalis Contest II 

Water Colour enthusiasts out there, are you ready to take up our challenge?

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A poster about a Chrysalis Art Contest
A butterfly

The Chrysalis Studio



The Chrysalis Contest II

Theme: "It makes me happy"

Medium: Watercolours

Size: A4 (Portrait/Landscape) 

Eligibility: 14 years and above


How to Enter: 

Email your entry to

1.hi-res JPEG image of your artwork (1080p).

In the title of the JPEG include your full name.

2.In the email mention your  Name, Date of

Birth, Contact Number, Description

of artwork and Products used .


Timeline :

15th December, 2019 Deadline. 

  Winner to be announced on 25th December, 2019. 


Exciting Prizes for the winning entry!!!

#thechrysalisstudio #art #contest #watercolours #painting #creativity #prize

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of the chrysalis contest I 


Dhiti Shah

A card
Photograph of Dhriti
A painting


The Chrysalis Contest I

Thanks! Message sent.

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