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by Leeza A. Harris

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"Translating Ideas into experiences" 

Leeza A. Harris 

Event Curator | Artistic Director|

Customer Experience Consultant

Founder & Owner -  The Chrysalis Studio

CEO - HiQ Weddings - Top Notch Wedding Photography

Vice President - Justice and Hope

Leeza A. Harris


Image by Olga Thelavart

Leeza A. Harris, backed by  20 years of event management and customer experience expertise, nationally and across South East Asia, founded The Chrysalis Studio. Her sole objective is to create memorable and engaging experiences for clients and customers across various domains and platforms. She is passionate about delivering high-quality,  innovative solutions that meet the needs and expectations of diverse audiences and stakeholders. 


The Chrysalis Studio, specialises in a comprehensive range of event management services, covering a wide spectrum from corporate functions, weddings to an unique trademarked children's edutainment workshop. each event is meticulously planned and executed to meet your clients' expectations.We curate and produce a diverse and engaging range of workshops! Topics include Customer Experience/ Soft Skills/ Sales/ Corporate Paint Parties/ Team Building & Motivation.  Each topic offers valuable skills and insights for personal and professional development. 

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Vish Vin, LFS

"The ambiance was instantly light yet the professionalism was well maintained at an excellent standard. The flow of the program was intentionally focussed and the details well thought through. Hats odd... Keep the good work going”

Source: Google Reviews

Inauguration of the new Lanson Toyota Showroom by The Chrysalis Studio in Sriperambadur.

The inauguration event was a resounding success. Our well-managed event did leave a lasting impression on attendees and it contributed positively to the perception of the brand. When everything runs smoothly and with elegance, it not only reflects positively on us but also enhances the overall experience for guests. 

The Chrysalis Studio strives to produce and manage events that strengthen brand loyalty, attract new customers, and reinforce the company's image as professional and customer-centric. 

We are so happy to share that the inauguration of the new Lanson Toyota Showroom achieved all of this.


Video Credits HiQ Weddings

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