Thematic Decor &  Art Installations

Themed Decor

Our objective at The Chrysalis Studio is simple; we want our work to stand out from the rest. In order to produce #unique decor we ensure that our creative teams deliver #decor designs that are expertly handcrafted in house. From the moment we are made aware of the theme we get to work creating a concept that can be creatively and effectively showcased. Palettes, textures, dimensions and spatial arrangements are all tied together to produce one-of-a-kind decor.

Halloween Theme Decor

 The current trend of promoting Visual Art concepts offers us a platform to showcase our skills and expertise in visual media to bring art to life. While art can be anything you perceive it to be; that insight brings with it a series of challenges.

We at The Chrysalis Studio love challenges when it comes to redefining art & craft concepts. We employ innovative techniques using 3 dimensional art & craft elements which in turn transforms the available space into a visual delight.

We make ideas a reality.

Party In the Clouds - Art Installation

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