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II wrote an article about events a few decades ago and I was asked to give a Company name. I said that I did not have one. I was informed by the editor of that magazine (who asked fore the article) to create one. I literally racked my brains and to no avail. My mother how was observing the struggle said “Chrysalis. Your son is CHRIS and you are LIZ (official name Elizabeth) so put them together” That was how “I” came to exist (Circa 2001)

I am Chrysalis: Event Professional, Master of Ceremonies, Artist, Crafts Master, Motivational Speaker, Interactive Game Show Creator, otherwise known as Leeza A. Harris.

I have been at the helm since the beginning, navigating the good, bad and the ugly while embracing all the challenges with a smile. It has been a thoroughly satisfying job which I would not trade in for any other!

Having varied talents has been a bit of a challenge because there is never enough time in a day to give them all priority. I try to do my best to utilise what I have been blessed with. I am so thankful that my work allows for use of nearly all my talents. Truly blessed to be be able to do what I do and help others in the process: whether it is to give work to vendors, to motivate someone with my story, to teach someone to paint, to bring a smile on the face of a bride when I plan her wedding, to create props that bring the spotlight on the performance……it goes on and for that I am grateful. 

My years of experience have been curated and channeled into all that I do.  Chrysalis has evolved over time and is now The Chrysalis Studio. A place that houses all of the varied talent and creativity that breathes life into our diverse and varied projects. 

At Chrysalis we believe that creativity/coordination/communication/client, collectively form the basis of any event but to ensure success we make sure to close the Loop that ties these components together. 

Here is some of what we do.....
Events - Corporate: Company & Product Launches, Seminars, OBTs, Annual Day Celebrations, Art Conversations, Carnivals, Conferences, Road shows.


Social: Complete Wedding Planning and Management, Theme Parties, Kids parties, Anniversaries.

Crafts - Accessories, Theme Props for Corporates and Institutions (schools and colleges), Weddings, Theatre

Art - Workshops, Art Therapy.

Chrysalis Busy Bee Fun Factory(R) - Patented Edutainment Workshop for children between 5 - 12 years

Consistent deliverables, personal dedication and creative engagement has enabled us to be sought after  by Clients for events across India and South East Asia; repeat Clients from MNCs, IT Companies, etc.

Our USPs are high standards of quality, understanding the event requirements and creating concepts that deliver a memorable experience, detailed planning and coordination and effective management of the event/wedding.

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Event Customization

End-to-end Solutions

Our keen eye for details

Competitive pricing

Commitment to making your event a success 


Chrysalis Events manages and produces the different types of events listed below,

Company Inaugurations

Product launches

Annual Day Celebrations

Award Ceremonies


Team Building Events & OBTs

Conferences and Seminars


Dance & Fashion Shows

Music Theatre 

Theme Parties

Edutainment Workshops for Children

Launch ofToyota Lexus by The Chrysalis Studio 


Our objective at The Chrysalis Studio is simple; we want our work to stand out. In order to produce #unique decor we ensure that our creative teams deliver #decor designs that are expertly handcrafted in-house. From the moment we are made aware of the theme we get to work creating a concept that can be creatively and effectively showcased. Palettes, textures, dimensions and spatial arrangements are all tied together to produce one-of-a-kind decor.

Themed Decor

 The creative use of  Visual Art concepts offers us a platform to showcase our skills and expertise in visual media to bring art to life. While art can be anything you perceive it to be; that insight brings with it a series of challenges.We at The Chrysalis Studio love challenges when it comes to redefining art & craft concepts.


We employ innovative techniques using 3 dimensional art & craft elements which in turn transforms the available space into a visual delight. 

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