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Rustic Splendor - Wedding

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Rehan & Zubiana's Wedding

Bridegroom looks at his Bride
Rehan looks intently into the happy face of his beloved Zubiana

Rey & Zubi were looking forward to their BIG day and when we sat down together for the first round of discussions it became very clear that the 4 color palette that Zubiana had selected was going to be the basis of everything. I was excited to work with Zubi's color palette which was blush, chocolate, champagne gold and cream. I was aware that there were limited choices of fresh floral in the market in those shades I was all set to dive in because of the venue. The gorgeous and historically significant St. Mary's Orthodox Church, which is located on the grounds of St. George's School had been selected and it was the perfect choice for the wedding ceremony.

This beautiful little Chapel, was built a couple of centuries ago, with its brick walls and sloping roof, barely holds 100 odd people but I just knew that it was a fantastic choice.

Everyone who participated the wedding rehearsal were captivated by this quaint old Chapel that still stood so majestically against the backdrop of the buildings that were St. George's School.

My team and I arrived at 10 am on the day of the wedding to get the decor ready. The deadline that I had set was 3 pm since I wanted an hour to do the final touches before the Groom arrived at the Church.

We began getting the pew decor ready. Among the many options that I had provided, simple bunches of Gypsophila which is also known as Baby's breath had been selected for the pews.

Flowers by the window sill with a coconut tree in the background
Gypsophila ready to be fixed

While my Floral Team continue creating their floral magic, my Production Team arrived on the heels of the Audio Team. The arch that I had designed for this wedding was 10 feet tall and 12 feet wide with a depth of 2 feet. I wanted the structure to be simple with clean lines and so I opted for slender reapers of wood that were spray painted chocolate. Blush colored mini square pillars had also been created for the the entrance decor and they were to be placed on either side of the arch.

As you can see from the photographs above, the structure though sleek was heavy and it required three men to get it upright and in place. Once the base on either side were in place I knew that the arch was securely fixed.

Getting up on a table that was placed on another table proved to be a challenge for me but I knew that I had to climb up to fix the fabric that was 12 meters in length. Once that hurdle had been crossed it was time to Fix the fresh floral runner. It was a windy day and even though the sky was overcast we stuck to our schedule and kept going, checking boxes in our production list.

Once the entrance arch was ready I turned my attention to the Refreshment Table. I wanted this table to look more than just beautiful but it had to look inviting. Blush ice crystals, clear glass vases and bottles, white floral, mini chalkboard signages, a really cute photograph of the newly weds came together to meet the objective. Bottles of water and assorted cookies were displayed in trays on either side of the floral arrangements on the table.

Photo of the newlyweds with a vase of white flowers next to it
The Refreshment Table

The next thing on the list was cleaning up. This is vital to any presentation especially here were there had been leaves and ribbons and bits and bobs. Once the entire front area of the Church had been swept clean I moved on to the last item on my list.

The easel with the name board in the exact color of the floral was set up and decorated with a few stems of ivy. The mini blush square pillars flanked the arch and they had cylindrical glass vases with croton leaves artfully placed inside to offer the mosaic of chocolate and tones of pink which were offset by the delicate gypsophila and carnations.

Easel with Name board and Floral vases on blush pink mini square pillars

The Bridal car had delicate white taffeta ribbons with iridescent pearl curling ribbons fastened to the doors. I believe that less is more and that simple elegance is the best way to go.

Bow on a Car door handle
White Taffeta bow with iridescent pearl curling ribbon on the handles of the Car doors

A good friend of the Bride had made cute hand painted signs which were carried by the cutest page boys Zac & Zaine.

I finally took a step back and looked at the beautiful Church and I smiled. I was happy and I hoped that all those who attended that service would feel blessed.

The radiant smiles on the faces of the newly weds and their families and friends said it all.

Pink ice crystals in the vases
Pink ice crystals in the vases

If you would like a theme wedding curated and produced, give us a call +91 8056022964. Thanks for stopping by.


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