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Interactive Workshops - Chrysalis Corpstuff

#educate #encourage #empower are the principles we infuse into all aspects of our work especially when it comes to meeting Client requirements of inducing motivation and engagement or the importance of accepting responsibility and imbibing leadership attributes or both.

The most effective means is the use of interactive entertainment and I do not mean just gaming. 

Chrysalis Corpstuff primarily designs and produces thematic interactive sessions for Corporates, groups and organisations. These sessions or workshops are meticulously planned to the very last detail. They are high energy, competitive and exciting as they serve to effectively meet the objectives of the Client.

The guests we work with are a mix of introverts and extroverts and the question asked most often is this, Can you get everyone to participate? The answer is YES! One of the ways to do so is to literally lead the way and that is what you see in the video clip below which has Leeza A. Harris taking the initiative in a "Walk through Fire" session for a large Corporate. 


"lead the way"

Our all women team, led by Leeza, are trained, organised and highly enthusiastic. Our  workshops range from an hour to an entire day (with breaks) or across multiple days.

We have worked with teams as small as 10 to those as large as 300 at a time.  

To know more or to book our services please contact +91 80560 22964

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