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Gift wrapping is an art form in itself. Precise folds, a colour palette that spells elegance and a whimsical touch of "je ne sais pas" can transform gifts and increase their value.

The use of appropriate materials make all the difference but add a dash of creativity to that and you get yourself something special that will be treasured and more importantly remembered. Remembrance is the ultimate objective for special gifting!

Here's my story about the latest items I creatively wrapped for a dear Client of mine.

Read on.

When it comes to Gift wrapping I get very excited at the prospect of trying something new and different. As it happened I received a call from a long time Client of mine who said that a few gifts for were being sent to my studio because he wanted special gift wrapping to be done. I eagerly awaited the arrival of the items while I let my imagination run wild for a bit.

A gift wrapped Titan Nebula watch
Custom Creative Wrapping by The Chrysalis Studio

I sat at my work table and went through the criteria for this order.

No. 1 - Contemporary Styling

No. 2 - Equal Attention to all the gifts

No. 3 - By looking at the gift wrapping the contents had to be identified

No. 4 - I had to get them ready in a day!!!

The gifts arrived and I looked at them intently. They were gorgeous watches from #Titan #Nebula pricey (INR 1.2L - 1.7 L) but exquisite!

Each watch was encased in a polished wooden box that was branded. The box was 5 inches in length x 4 inches in width. I went through all the types of paper that were in storage at my studio. I find it tremendously useful to purchase beautiful paper whenever I come across them since I would never know when I had to use them. This was one such occasion and here is what I worked with


Premium Gift Paper - muted gold and white: Standard Size

Premium Gift Paper - dull silver and white: Standard Size

Pearl Stickers - 1 Sheet

Soft Gold Organza Ribbons 2 & 1/2 inch wide - 1 Meter

Soft Gold Glitter Ribbon 2 & 1/2 inch wide - 1 Meter

Soft Silver Zari Ribbon 1 inch wide - 2 Meters

Steel Gray 1 inch wide Ribbons - 2 Meters

Black Crystal Ribbons - 1 Meter

Black Glitter Foam Sheets A4 size: 1 Sheet

Fabric Glue

Metal Ruler

The First Watch - 18K Gold Analog Watch

Also called a Nebula Jewel, this beauty is stunning!

The biggest challenge was removing the price sticker as it was fairly large and left a lot of residue. Thanks to some water, Colin spray, a microfibre towel and a credit card I was able to remove it off without damaging the box.

After wrapping the box in the gift paper I proceeded to add the gold glitter ribbon which I secured using fabric glue. Being aware of the challenges from the different textures I was working with I knew right away that Fabric Glue was the best option and that a Glue Gun would have been a disaster.

I proceeded to use the organza ribbon to dull the soft glitter ribbon and I was happy with the result. Then I reached for the pearls and fixed then onto the organza ribbon. I created an asymmetrical pattern which is very much my creative signature.

The gift wrapped watch seen in the image above met the criteria and I was happy to move onto the next watch.

The Second and Third Watches - Arash & Ayna from Deccan Treasures Collections

The additional criteria here was that these watches were for a couple. I was planning to use the white, silver, gray and black colour scheme for these watched but I had to be careful that the boxes are correctly presented to the intended person based on the way they were gift wrapped.

#Arash from Deccan Treasures Collections #Titan #Nebula

The first thing I did was split the broad black crystal ribbon into two with the wider part for the lady's watch (Ayna) and the thinner one for the gent's watch (Arash).

Both boxes were then wrapped in the soft silver & white gift paper. I proceeded to add the steel gray ribbon and the black crystal ribbons and the silver sari ribbons to each box respectively. Fabric glue was such a blessing since it held the ribbons firmly together.

I cut out a leaf shape in the black glitter foam sheet and then folded it into two along its length. I then cut along the shape of the curve but stopped just before reaching the end. I did this twice. Fixing this cutout along the sharp edge of the box was the best way to display the cuts in the shape while adding a design to the wrapping.

#Ayna from Deccan Treasures Collections #Titan #Nebula

When it came to the Ayna watch I proceeded to cut out small leaf shapes. I found that they looked best the placed against the steel gray ribbon so I used the fabric glue to fix them onto the ribbon.

I then sent the 3 watches to my Client and hoped that he would like the way they were wrapped. He reverted with one word "Superb!" and I breathed a sigh of relief.

I wonder what he will ask me to wrap the next time round. I have already wrapped a golf kit, a car, silk scarves and many other items.

Until the next time when I can share a pic with you, Cheers!

I would live to hear from you so please leave a message and show me some love by liking my post. TIA.

Leeza A Harris

The Chrysalis Studio

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