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Bagging it!

Gifting with a twist. Check out my #new concept for creating a gift pack with an unusual material.

I was recently invited to my friend's daughter's 1st #birthday party and my head was soon buzzing with #ideas for the gift. I then decided that I wanted to make something different for the packing and I set about to go through my little stash of #craft materials. I soon picked out a roll of shelf liners. Do not be so surprised because it was a beautiful shade of soft pink with a pink geometric design on it. Once the base of my package was decided the rest of it came together quiet quickly.

Rollof plastic, scissors, fabric glue, cutter, metal ruler, punch & sequins
Items required for this craft project

List of Items Used

- Roll of Pink Shelf liners

- Cutting mat

- Cutting Blade

- Pair of Scissors

- Pearl Metallic Plastic Ribbon with hearts

- Single Hole Punch

- Metal Ruler

- Fabric Glue

- Artificial Stones

TIP - Use the Magic Tape to hold down the sides while cutting the liner or to keep the ribbon from unraveling while you thread it through the punched holes

Roll of plastic and a metal ruler
Roll of shelf liner folded to measure a foot

The Shelf liner roll is about 5 meters in total but I only required a small piece so I spread open a portion of the roll on my work space. I measured a foot using the metal ruler and then folded it onto itself so that the entire piece was 2 feet in length.

Plastic sheet with metal ruler
Shelf liner measuring a foot (12 inches) for each side

I cut this amount from the roll using my cutting blade. The texture of the liner is rubbery and the thickness is one mm so it can also be cut by placing it on the cutting mat and slicing it with the cutting knife.

Plastic sheet with handles cut out on both sides
Shelf liner with handles cut on both sides

While keeping the two ends folded I cut out rectangles 4 inches x 1 inch to serve as the handles of my bag.

Plastic bag with holes punched on the sides & ribbon
Punch holes with a punch & thread the ribbon

Using the single hole punch i punched holes along both sides of the piece of liner roughly an inch apart along both the sides of the bag.

The plastic ribbon is barely 3 mm in width and it was the perfect choice so I used it to thread it through the holes and bring the sides of the bag together. I employed a simple crisscross approach and that worked out well.

TIP - The sides of the bag are not completely sealed so I would NOT advise using this design for very tiny objects to be packed as they could slip out through the gaps

I drew the ends of the ribbon and fastened them into a bow on either side of the bag. I used the scissors to curl the ends of the ribbon.

The fabric glue came in handy as I used it to stick the stones on to the bag. Since the glue dries quickly its best to apply in a little at a time.

Once the stones were fixed and had dried my gift bag was ready. I folded an A4 sized sheet of pink paper and placed it in the bag so that the stone embellished letter would stand out.

Transparent plastic bag with stone embellishments
Finished Product

My friend loved my idea and I was happy that she did. Go ahead and give this idea a try.

P.S. Shelf liners in Opaque colors are also available

Happy Crafting!

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