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Glue Gun Basics

Master the use of a glue gun with ease

Imagine that you are working with Cardstock and need to stick two pieces together: what would you reach for, Craft Glue or a Glue Gun? If your answer was Craft Glue, then here is why you should consider the Glue gun. Just so you know I took the longest time to use a glue gun on my projects but once I tried it I cant use Craft glue, at least not for large projects. Let me tell you why it is a great tool. By the end of this article I daresay that you will agree with me.

“A glue gun can be a crafter's best buddy”

Parts of a Glue Gun

Let me begin by describing the parts of the glue gun. The #gluegun is shaped like a small gun that has a nozzle at one end and a cable with an electrical plug at the other end. It can be heated by plugging it into an electrical socket. Some glue gun brands also provide a tiny stand to rest the gun. The glue gun requires hot melt glue sticks that are inserted into the barrel of the glue gun from the back end of the gun.

How to use a Glue Gun

Insert the Glue stick into the barrel of the gun

Plug in the gun to an electrical source and allow it to heat up for 5 minutes at the very least.

Press the trigger after positioning the nozzle on the area where you want the glue

The melted glue is very hot and it must be applied quickly

Uses of a Glue Gun

It can be used for craft and hobbies, furniture and leather too


- The finish is great

- Lasts longer than regular craft glue

- Easy application

- Glue that has dried and cooled can be easily removed from the nozzle

- Relatively inexpensive and available in different sizes


- The nozzle can get very very hot so do not touch it

- The glue will keep melting and dripping from the nozzle as long as the gun is plugged into an electrical socket that is on, so ensure that you have a protective measure in place to safeguard the surface of your work area.

- The glue dries very quickly so you need to have all that you require while working readily available so as to not waste any time during assembly.

- The hot melt glue stick melts quickly so have a supply handy.

What are you waiting for? Pick up a glue gun today. I cant wait to hear from you about your craft projects that were created using the glue gun.

Happy Crafting!

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