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How to create a Craft Kit

Mobile craft kit essentials


Putting together a craft kit is not a daunting task. The only challenge is make sure that you don’t throw in everything with the word craft on it. Seriously though if you are interested in putting together a basic craft kit take a moment to go through this article. It will definitely come in handy when making your choices. Furthermore I have categorized and curated the items. You will be surprised by the assortment and variety out there so do not limit yourself when searching

“ You would be surprised by what you could find in a neighborhood craft store with everything under one roof at that. Just remember to leave me the name of THAT store in the comments. I would love to know where you found all that you were looking for to create your Craft Kit and I am certain that others would too.”


A wide assortment of plastic tool boxes with partitioned trays are available in the market so pick up one to store the craft items. It comes in very handy when you want to take your kit with you. Note that these plastic boxes are sold empty.


There are a variety of craft scissors and since the kit you are putting together is the basic one I have only listed the scissors that are absolutely necessary. As you dabble further and get into more specific types of crafts you can purchase the scissors that are best suited to your craft. For now take a look at the items listed below

- Craft Scissors (Large): A good quality pair will be perfect for cutting paper and boards (usually up to 300 gsm)

- Craft Scissors (Small): A small pair preferably in metal for cutting small details and edges

- Metal Scissors (Large): These are usually heavy and all metal but they are great for cutting fabric

- Craft Knife: Used for cutting lines with a ruler or freehand and also for cutting through varied thickness

- X-acto Knife: Also known as just a craft knife. Great for cutting straight lines with a ruler and for intricate details

- Cutting Mat: The cutting mats are available in varying sizes and apart from protecting the surface on which you are cutting on they also ensure precision because the grid lines are marked on the mat.

“Be smart when selecting your craft box.”

I would like to draw your attention to yet another difference between the two types of craft knives? One has an adjustable blade so the length of the blade can be varied. The blade is scored so it can be broken off in pieces as the tip gets blunt. The similarity however is that the blades for both knives can be replaced. It is good to by the refill pack of blades. Some brands sell the knives with the refills so look out for those.


The products that are required for sticking are the following,

- Hot Glue Gun

- Glue Sticks (for the glue gun)

- Craft Glue

- Fabric Glue

- Magic Tape

- Double sided Tape

- Blue Tack

- Tape Dispenser: I believe that this item is an absolute must. It can make life really easy. The speed and efficiency of your packing will markedly improve.

If you are wondering why I have not included cello tape it is because magic tape has a better texture and can barely be seen when used on paper. Magic Tape is definitely more expensive but if you want a great finish then its worth the investment.


If you need to write on a tag or decorate an envelope or for any other decorative purpose you must make sure to have a set of pens and markers on you.

- Felt Tip Markers: A set of basic colors will do fine. It usually contains markers in 12 colors

- Metallic Pens: Metallic colors are available in a wider range of colors these days but if you have silver and gold metallic pens on you you are off to a good start.

Make note that the metallic pens come in differing nibs sizes nowadays but it is preferable if you select a medium to thick sized nib.


When you do not want to use an adhesive or tape but are looking for a temporary option to attach something, make sure to pick up these...

- Stapler

- Stapler Pins

- Common/Office Pins

- Plastic/Metal Office Clips

None of the above require any description as they are common enough but are extrememly useful.


If you love paper and boards as much as I do this task will prove to be difficult :-)

- Gift Wrap Paper - Plain, Printed, Foil: A minimum of 3 sheets of each type. You can always replenish your stock based on your usage. The tip I have for you is simple, just decide on a color palette before you purchase the gift paper. This tip goes a long way when selecting other items in this category.

- Card Stock - Plain, Printed, Glitter & Metallic:: I must caution you that this selection can be difficult because of the amazing choices available but bear in my my tip and you will be fine.


There is no limit to the ways you can decorate gifts, hampers, products, etc, but since you are assembling a Basic Craft KIt you require only the absolute essentials.

- Ribbons - 1/4 '', 1/2 '', 1 '', 2'' & 4 '': Even if you limit yourself to 2 rolls of every size you must remember your color palette when making your selection.

- Sticker Stones and Pearls: You can pick up a few in neutral shades.


These tools are essential and your kit would not be complete without them.

- Measuring Tape - Retractable: The 5 metre tape is a good choice and its small enough to even fit in your pocket.

- Foot Ruler - Metal: This item is optional but if you have place in your kit then you must pick one up.

Well that's the end of my list. In case in have inadvertently left any item out, let me know. In the meantime get your list together. Happy Shopping!

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