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Gift Wrapping Basics

Gift Wrapping made simple and stunning

Gift wrapping is viewed by some as a daunting task by some but truth be told all you need to know are the basic techniques used to wrap a gift and you will find that it is a fun and creative experience.

Tip - The size of the gift wrapping paper must be four to five times that of the gift


Let us take a look at the things you will require to pack a gift.

- Gift Wrapping Paper

- Magic Tape

- Ribbons

- Gift Tag


If you are very particular about the color scheme of your gift, its best to first identify the color of the gift paper followed by the ribbons which could be in contrasting colors or even a deeper shade than the paper.

Gift Wrapping Paper

Gift wrap is available in plain color that is matt/glossy, print that is matt/glossy and metallic colors.

The size varies depending on the brand

The thickness and texture vary too.

Wrapping Techniques

Open your gift wrapping paper on a table or large surface

Place your gift on the single sheet paper to check if there is sufficient paper to wrap your gift. In case the size of the gift is greater than one sheet you will need to attach sheets together using magic tape.

In order to keep things simple I will explain the process of gift wrapping using a single sheet of paper and a small rectangular box.

The most common mistake made is in not knowing how much gift wrapping paper is required to pack a gift. In order to identify the quantity of paper required you need to do two things. Take a look at your gift and identify the narrow side and the broader side of your gift. As the gift paper is also rectangular in shape place it in a landscape position while the gift is placed on the paper in the portrait position. Now bring the two ends of the paper together encasing the box. You require the overlap of one end over the other to only be one inch. Trim the paper so that there is only a one inch overlap. Secure the paper using a strip of magic tape.

Next you need to learn the method of folding in order to pack the sides. Take a look at the visuals below to master the fold. If you are unsure of how much paper is required for the fold make sure thatit is 3 inches of paper from the edge of the gift.

After you make the folds at both ends, secure the paper with magic tape. Now your gift is almost ready. All that is left is the decorating using ribbons and accessories.

Ideas for Decorating your gift

1. Simple Bow

First measure the amount of ribbon you will require to be secured around the gift. To that quantity add 8 - 10 inches and then cut the ribbon. Now tie a bow around your gift using the ribbon. Add a gift tag and your gift is ready.

2. Simple Overlap

Measure the quantity of ribbon required to go exactly around your gift across the width. Cut the ribbon once an overlap of 1 inch has been measured. Fasten the ribbon using magic tape. Repeat this with a half inch gap. Now measure the ribbon required across the length of your gift and using the same method secure the ribbon with an overlap using magic tape. Repeat this with a half inch gap. Your gift only requires a gift tag and its ready.

So experiment and do not be afraid to try new styles. Your creativity will evolve with experience.

Have fun packing!

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